Our main product:BRAZIL NUTS

Or Castanha as it is known in Bolivia, the most important producing country,

  • Surprisingly the main producer of Brazil nuts is not its name-giving country, but Bolivia. Brazil is only on second place, Ivory Coast and Peru complete the list of the only four Brazil nut producing countries.
  • 100% Brazil Nut, its reproduction and growth are a wonder of nature. To collect the Brazil Nut, we wait approximately between 10 to 15 years.
  • The Brazil Nut extends naturally over 32.5 million hectares between Peru, Bolivia and Brazil.


Our product is vacuum sealed and exported in corrugated carton boxes of 20 Kg

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"The Brazil Nut is the tree that cares for and preserves the Amazon"

We are not done yet, if this is the first time you have heard about the Brazil Nut and you still have any doubts about this delicious wild dried fruit, we are going to briefly share with you some scientifically proven benefits that are ideal for strengthening our health and those that we love the most.

Scientific benefits of consuming our Brazil Nut:

Source: International Nut & Dried Council

Due to its multiple properties, this fruit can help lower cholesterol, improve the immune system and be a great complement in the diet of athletes

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